Thalassemia Parent Donor Project

In India, there are over 1 lakh kids detected with Thalassemia Major. Out of which 2,300 reside in Mumbai. Each child needs 24 blood units per year. Around 50,000 to 55,000 blood units are required in a year for Thalassemia kids.

The affected children receive blood from blood banks therefore, 24 units of blood are obtained from 24 different blood donors. As a result, these children suffer from several adverse effects, which in turn affect their lives in various ways.  According to a research study conducted, the number of adverse effects would decrease if the children receive blood from same donors repeatedly and also improve the life expectancy by 15 years.

TMM has decided to be bridge the gap between thalassemia patients and donors  by arranging a fixed set of blood donors called Parent Donors. These parent donors can adopt one child and donate blood 3-4 times a year at their nearest Blood Bank centers. By doing this, one child would receive blood of only 6-8 fixed donors. TMM will co-ordinate with blood banks and patients regarding the process and  will also maintain records in the software. A gift would be couriered to each blood donor every time he/she donates blood to the Adopted Recipient.

Let us register for this noble initiative and make difference in someone’s life.

For registering as Parent Blood Donor, please call on 7208201919 or click on below given link