WADIA HOSPITAL receives Child Patients with Various Serious Ailments from all over India. Most of these Paediatric patients are from Lower Income Group.
Tarun Mitra Mandal and WADIA HOSPITAL shall jointly derive a list of Children whose treatment will be funded by TMM. This shortlisting will be based on Criteria that TMM may devise from time to time, based on Economic Condition of the Family, Severity of Ailment, Urgency of Treatment, Age of the Child, etc. WADIA HOSPITAL may provide details and list of Patients whose Treatment needs financial assistance to TMM from time to time. Based on this list the Shortlisting shall be done in consultation with Wadia Hospital.
TMM plans to raise more and more funds for the Purpose of Treatment of Paediatric  Patients and wishes to Sponsor Treatment of more and more Children to see them come out Healthy after Treatment. TMM is also planning to monitor health status of Patients adopted on regular basis.
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