Over the centuries, mankind has made huge progress as evidenced by successful businesses, huge empires, luxurious lifestyles, the lightning speed of information sharing, extensive use of a digital platform such as the internet and modern-day gadgets like laptop, smartphones etc.
However knowingly or unknowingly, almost everyone has Joined the RAT RACE. Be it a businessperson, an executive, a common man, a homemaker, a student and so on. This has led to increased stress, physical and emotional concerns, loneliness etc. Tolerance levels are reducing by the day. Some of the outcomes that we face are deeply dire and tragic. The huge increase in the no and rate of people dying by SUICIDE each year is immensely worrisome and a major cause of concern worldwide.
With the growing Stress Levels and resultant Depression, instances of Suicides have increased in Modern Urban Communities. We have initiated a program that identifies, counsels and rehabilitates people with such tendencies and in turn making a difference to their lives and those of their families. With this initiative, we have pledged to track and trace each person in need of counselling and we are nurturing a team of dedicated volunteers who shall drive this movement.
The main motive is to create awareness about suicide prevention, to do extensive research on the subject, to train volunteers, to establish counselling centres, to create awareness about suicide prevention helpline number, to organize workshops for common people towards the elimination of such deaths. This is a humongous task and it needs a big team of volunteers. TMM calls upon the people from all sections of the society to come ahead and join this social and noble cause as volunteers.


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