What is Story of Makers?

Story of Makers is a platform provided to guide young enthusiasts with revolutionary ideas or concepts to channelize their energy to build innovative products and processes.


Why are we doing this?

The sole motto is to discover the best ideas and innovations from across the nation and showcase it to people to inspire other creative enthusiasts to follow the same path towards creating pioneering designs and products.

A simple idea can inspire, motivate and produce a change. We have taken up this initiative to inspire dedicated and hardworking makers from all ages and walks of life, to come together and be the change they want to see. StoryOfMakers invites all of you to become a part of this “Maker Movement” and reform the existing techniques to make this world a better place to live in.

To promote Maker-space culture in education.
Creating a carnival of science, technology, engineering, art, innovation and creativity. Here you can display your creation and meet national/international makers and get to know their unique ideas.

 You will get a chance to pitch your ideas to high profile mentors, investors and get funding for building a prototype. Innovations are welcomed from a myriad range of topics

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Our Passionate Team

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Chief Catalyst

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Tech Geek

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