The power of youth is the power of tomorrow.

Bringing social change across india through community and oneness


Partnering with Youth and Community to bring social movement


The power of youth is the power of a nation. With a view to have a better tomorrow and, with a view to lay a foundation for various activities for the development of the society, some youngsters organized themselves into what is today better known as Tarun Mitra Mandal (TMM).

The organization was established on Gandhi Jayanti in 1968 and was registered as a Charitable Trust  (Reg. NO. E-6185 – Mumbai).The journey began as helping hand to spread education and excelled through various fields of social activism to mitigate hardships of the underprivileged and enhance the scope of knowledge of individuals.

The organisation’s Blood Donation Movement has earned recognition at the State and National level and the Eye Donation Movement at the International Level. Donation to the organization is exempt under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. The organization has been granted approval by the Government of India, under FCRA, to accept foreign donations.

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