The idea is to build an open learning space where kids, students, and adult can get access to Books, Toys & Tools, along with that we have a team of Artists, Engineers, Designers and Educators. They have been working and doing intensive research for a long time to start a learning space where children would be taking an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding learner inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Innovations are welcomed from a myriad range of topics

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Space Comprises of 3 Sections


Collection of 7000+ books of renowned authors around the world


Play, Learn & Develop Creativity & enhance Thinking capacity


To gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge in Electronics and Mechanical and Digital Fabrication


Makerspace is a collaborative workspace where everyone has an opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies, innovative and creative processes to design and build projects.It provides sharing the knowledge and experience from co-makers of the space as well as from those who have already worked on similar projects and at Makerspace efforts shall be made to make available resources and the needs of the students/makers/researchers who use it. To begin with physical space with the appropriate infrastructure should be provided with all possible modern tools and equipment.

Why the Maker Space?

India has so many innovators hidden which are capable of inventing great creation but are unable to execute them. Also there so many people having the finest innovative and creative ideas but running lack of hands-on support to execute the same.

Also we had a great experience by doing StoryOfMakers: Tech Expo in March 2017, where we had called for an innovative and creative proposal which was open to all and according to the numbers we received, we had so many application for KVO students and graduates and also people working in corporate’s with amazing ideas but the only major problems majority of application where facing was a platform where IDEAS CAN CONVERT TO REALITY.

Even still now we are the second largest supplier of Engineer to foreign states, these all can be hocked back here if there is such platform which includes research, innovation, creativity, technology, making prototyping from the grass root level by setting up this kind of MAKERSPACE.

This is a whole support system for students to plan this technical future also having the ability to take the prototype to product and take it to market

Many time the person having great idea won’t have the skill to do same and the person having great skills won’t be able to give great innovation ideas but if we combine this two kind of people and put them in maker space, it can create so much exploration and opportunity for many and themselves.

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