Manav Blood Donation Movement

Since 1981, Tarun Mitra Mandal regularly educates and explains the importance of voluntary blood donation and motivates healthy people to donate blood. TMM is pioneer in starting regular voluntary Blood donation camps. The organization has been instrumental in collecting more than 10000 units of blood every year. Three camps are held annually.

Tarun Mitra Mandal is the leading organization for voluntary blood donation of Mumbai city. Recently it has been collecting more than 3500-4000 blood units in a single day’s camp. Due to modern technological updates, the lives of 3 to 5 patients can be saved out of the each unit of blood collected during blood donation camps.

Tarun Mitra Mandal made blood donation camp computerized and have all the records of more than 30000 voluntary blood donors. TMM also felicitate blood donors who have already donated blood more than 10 times, 25 times, 50 times & 75 times.


Thalassemia Parent Donor Project