It has been observed that a number of patients from all over Maharashtra, as well as India, are coming to Mumbai’s Hospitals for treatment. Along with the patients, as support, their family members also come. Many do not have any relatives in Mumbai and they stay on the footpath out of compulsion. In such cases, patients do get their basic meals from the hospital but the family members have to manage on their own. In some cases, the treatment goes on for months together and it becomes very difficult for them.

Tarun Mitra Mandal started a movement called “Feed the Hungry” in four public hospitals in Mumbai namely Wadia Children’s Hospital, Tata Cancer Hospital, KEM Hospital and Nair Hospital in 1997. To give nutritious food to patients, we provide morning breakfast and fruits. We also provide Tiffins for patients relatives. More than 700 patients/relatives are taking the benefit of the scheme daily. A team of more than 50 volunteers of Tarun Mitra Mandal are sparing time from their daily routine and work. This initiative has been running uninterruptedly since 1997 24 X 7 from your donations.

You can celebrate Birthday’s, Anniversary’s or any auspicious occasion in a unique way by providing food to needy patients and their relatives.

Daily Expenses (Approx.)

Wadia Children Hospital Break Fast Rs.  5000/-
Wadia Maternity Hospital Break Fast Rs.  2100/-
Tata Hospital Fruits Rs.  5000/-
KEM Hospital (O.P.D.) Lunch Rs.  2100/-
KEM Hospital Thalassemia Ward Lunch Rs.  2100/-
KEM-TATA Patient Relative Tiffin Rs.  3100/-
Nair Hospital Break Fast Rs.  4000/-
One day Full Tithi Yojna Total Rs.21000/-
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